Tarifa map

There are plenty of free tourist maps available when you are in Tarifa. Below you see some usefull maps of Tarifa to give you an idea about the town, kitepsots and the surroundings. We have built these maps ourselves using google maps, so we can exactly pinpoint you the most interesting places in and around Tarifa on a custom Tarifa Map for you.

Tarifa Map with the kitespots

Below you find a map of Tarifa with the kitespots that are in or close to Tarifa. Be aware that during summer time there are a lot of ‘swimming and no kiting tourists‘ around Tarifa, therefore at some spots you are not allowed to go kiting.

  • Blue means no kiting in summer from 15/6 – 15/9.
  • Red is all year round.
  • Green is ‘unofficial’, meaning you take a risk to get fined.

Want to learn more about these kite spots? You can read more about this in the section: kitespots of Tarifa

View Tarifa Online in a larger map on Google Maps

Tarifa map of city centre

This Tarifa map shows you the old city centre of Tarifa,  the Tarifa port and Isla de las Palomas (Isla de Tarifa). Soon we will add a map with the main places of interests in Tarifa. Please come back soon!

Tarifa map of the surroundings of Tarifa

This Tarifa map shows you Tarifa, the Tarifa beaches and the beautiful natural surroundings. Currently we are building a map with the main places of interests around Tarifa. Please come back soon!

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