Tarifa weather

The Tarifa weather has oceanic influences, creating warm summers and very mild winters. Tarifa has a Mediterranean climate. Meaning that during the winter months it rains. The precipitation in the wet period can be very high. In December and January the average exceeds 80 mm. The mean temperature in the coldest winter month (January) is around 11 degrees during the night. The weather in Tarifa in the summer is largely dry. The mean temperatures in the hottest month are around 23 degrees during the night. Because of the nice temperatures during the summer months, Tarifa is a perfect place to spend the summer holidays.

Tarifa weather sunset

Tarifa sunset

The annual variation in temperature is small, because of the oceanic influences. Tarifa has the warmest winters compared to the rest of Spain, while in the summer it is cooler than the rest of Spain. Tarifa weather is much influenced by the wind. That’s why Tarifa has become one of the most famous kite surf and windsurf places in the world. Learn more about Tarifa wind…

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