How to get to Tarifa

Tarifa flights

There are several ways to go to Tarifa. One of them is by plane. Although Tarifa has no airport, you can still visit this stunning place by flying to one of the airports nearby. For instance: Gibraltar, Malaga, Sevilla or Jerez de la Fronterra. Read more about flights to Tarifa

Malaga – Tarifa

When you are in Malaga and you feel like exploring the non touristic vibes of Tarifa, then the easiest way is to travel by bus. To find out more about the timetables, prices and routes go to Malaga-Tarifa

Cadiz – Tarifa

When you arrive at Cadiz airport and immediately like to continue your trip to Tarifa, or if you have visited the lovely city of Cadiz but you also like to enjoy the stunning beaches of Tarifa, then you have to take to bus. To check the timetables, prices and routes go to Cadiz-Tarifa

Tangier – Tarifa

One of the nice things of Tarifa is that it has her own little harbor. From Marroques you can be in Tarifa in 35 minutes. The ferrys from FRS will take you to and from Tarifa. To find out more about the timetables, prices and routes go to Tangier-Tarifa

Tarifa airport

Tarifa has no airport but there are a few airports nearby. To find out more about these airports go to Tarifa flights

Seville – Tarifa

we will add more information about this trip soon. For now, check out: Tarifa Flights, part about seville


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