Kitesurf Tarifa

Tarifa is famous because of it’s beautiful white beaches. Above that, Tarifa has plenty of days with wind. This is why Tarifa has become one of the most popular kite spots in Europe. The Tarifa winds: Poniente and Levante. They are perfect for kitesurfing in Tarifa. With Poniente, the wind blows from the Atlantic Ocean. This wind is usually colder and less strong compared to the Levante wind. The Levante comes from the Mediterranean Sea. This wind is warmer and stronger than the Poniente. When you come to kitesurf in Tarifa, you should bring all your kites. You will need them all.

kitesurf Tarifa Valdevaqueros beach

Kitesurfing and windsurfing at Tarifa Valdevaqueros beach

Kitespots Tarifa

Tarifa is considered the ‘wind mecca’ or ‘wind capitol’ of Europe. It can get really crowded in the summer and weekends. Therefore, it is good to be prepared when you visit a beach. You need to know where it is allowed to kitesurf in Tarifa. However, the wide beaches make kite launching and kite landing very easy. The Los Lances beach in front of the town to Rio Jara, is perfect for learning. This is the real kitesurf tarifa beach. The beach at Valdevaqueros is perfect with the Levante wind. Learn more about the Kite spots of Tarifa>>

Kitesurf Tarifa schools

Kitesurfing in Tarifa is not dangerous if you’ve had lessons from a certified IKO teacher. You should always take the safety rules serious. Especially during the summer months it can be crowded. There are plenty of students in the water. Check before you go kiting which zone is the teaching zone.
Nowadays Tarifa has over 40 different tarifa kite schools. If you like to take some tarifa kitesurf lessons, you should never forget to check if the school is IKO certificated. Find more information about kitesurf schools in Tarifa>>

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