Tarifa kite spots

We have collected a lis of the main kitespots in and around Tarifa. We also have a created a Google Map with the locations of the kite spots of Tarifa, you can find them at Tarifa Maps.

tarifa kitespot lagoon

A crowdy day on the lagoon of Tarifa

Tarifa Kite Spot 1: Playa Los Lances Norte

This spot is the most famous kite spot in Tarifa. The spot begins at the Rio Jara and ends at Hotel Dos Mares. The beach is wide and clean. There are no rocks or whatsoever. It is a perfect spot to learn how to kite surf. There are perfect launch and landing opportunities. This spot is very good for kite surfing when there is a poniente wind (westerly). The wind with poniente is side on shore. When there is levante wind (easterly) this spot can be very dangerous due to the side of shore wind. This spot can be quite challenging with strong winds because the water can be very choppy and there can be waves. Near Rio de Jara is a beautiful lagoon with high tide. This is a prefect place for beginners and for kiters who like to ride freestyle. In the summer months there are certain zones for kitesurfers, windsurfers and schools. So watch out. Along playa Los Lances Norte there is plenty of parking space. You can also find there some bars (chiringuitos) and toilets. Check out chiringuito agua and waves bar.

Tarifa Kite Spot 2: Playa Los Lances Sur

This spot is nice for kiting with poniente winds (wind from the west). You are not allowed to kite here during the summer months: starting from the 15th of June. But during the other months you will see kitesurfers here. It is a nice, clean and white beach near the old town of Tarifa. People like kiting here because of the bars, restaurant and cafes close to the beach.

Here is a webcam of spotfav.com that shows a good overview from arte vida:

tarifa kitespot tangana

tarifa kitespot tangana or valdevaqueros

Tarifa Kite Spot 3: Playa de Valdevaqueros

This beach is perfect for kiting with a levante wind (wind from the east). It is situated approximately 8 km from the centre of Tarifa. There is a zone for kitesurfing and a zone for windsurfing. There are a couple of kitesurf schools and bars. The beach can be clean at places but you can also find some rocks there.

Tarifa Kite Spot 4: Playa Punta Paloma

This beach is situated 9 km from the centre of Tarifa. It is a clean and wide beach. There is a beautiful view of the sand dunes and Morocco. With levante wind you have nice side on shore wind, which makes it a good spot for beginners. Near Punta Paloma there is a parking spot and there are some bars in walking distance.

tarifa kitespot canos de mecca

tarifa kitespot canos de mecca about 70 km from tarifa

Tarifa Kite Spot 5: Playa CaƱos de Meca

This kite spot is located 70 km away from Tarifa. The reason why we name it here, is that this beach is perfect for a beautiful kite session. Especially when the Levante wind is too strong in Tarifa, this is the right place to be. There is plenty of car parking space and there are good launch and land places on the beach. You need to watch out for some rocks though.

Tarifa Kite Spot 6: Playa Palmones

Another kite spot worth visiting is the playa in Palmones. Palmones is situated north of Algeciras, 17 km outside Tarifa. This spot is perfect when there is a very strong Levante wind in Tarifa. The beach is wide and clean, so landing en launching your kite should not be a problem. In the area are some bars and restaurants. There is enough parking space.

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