Running in Tarifa

running in Tarifa

the landscape is beautiful for running in Tarifa

Everyday, doesn’t matter if it is morning, afternoon or in the evening you will see people running in Tarifa on ‘el Paseo Maritimo’. This is the wide boulevard along the beach. Imagine a moment where you are running in the sun, with your favorite music in your ears and the smell and the view of the ocean. That’s how running is in Tarifa. The landscapes around Tarifa offer nice running tracks too. For instance the road to Santuario de la Luz. This road offers some beautiful views of the mountains around Tarifa.

Running tracks in Tarifa

When you visit the ‘oficina de turismo’ ask for the detailed map of Tarifa. The people who are working there are very willing to help you. The can show you the exact routes for running in Tarifa. There are a lot of people who put there favorite Tarifa running tracks on the Internet. See for some tracks below:
The most important thing to not forget is: Bring your running shows with you to Tarifa!
Tip: Every June there is also the triatlon of Tarifa, don’t forget to check this out.


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