Tarifa wind

Tarifa is famous among kitesurfers and windsurfers because of the many perfect wind days in Tarifa in a year. The average Tarifa wind speed per year is 12 knots. Each month in Tarifa has a  40% chance of wind speeds more than 4 Beaufort. The best months in Tarifa to go kitesurfing and windsurfing are from February until October. In these months you will have at least 50% chance of enough wind speeds for kitesurfing and windsurfing. During the winter months there are still a lot of windy days left, compared to other places in Europe.

tarifa wind direction meter

The wind direction meter of Tarifa is a Tuna fish

Tarifa wind directions: Poniente & Levante

There are two main wind directions in Tarifa: Poniente and Levante.

The Levante wind (easterly wind, coming from the Mediterranean sea) is the more powerful wind. In general this tarifa wind generate speeds between 5-8 Bft or 19 – 46 knots . When there is a Levante wind, there is a non stop wind during the day and night. This is caused by a Venturi effect due to the street of Gibraltar.
The Poniente wind (westerly wind, coming from the Atlantic ocean) is a more constant wind. In general this wind generate speeds between 3-5 Bft or 8 – 19 knts. During the summer months, the Poniente wind can create a thermal wind in the afternoon.

The Levante wind blows side-offshore from the left at the Los Lances beach in Tarifa. The Poniente wind blows sideshore to side-onshore from the right and creates stronger waves at the Los Lances beach. The wind conditions in Tarifa change quickly. Most of the days the wind picks up in the afternoon.

To find out which kitespots are the best spots with Poniente or Levante you go to Tarifa kitespots.

Keep in mind that when you check out the wind speeds online, windguru has more accurate measurements compared to windfinder. The best place to check out the actual wind speeds http://www.spotfav.com. You need to get a free account it’s worth it. Check out the cameras at ‘Rio Jara’, ‘Arte Vida’, ‘Valdevaqueros Club Mistral’ and ‘Valdevaqueros Tangana’.

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