what to do in tarifa?

Activities in Tarifa

If you like wave surfing, wind surfing, horse riding, climbing, mountainbiking, running, or if you like to watch whales in the great blue Strait of Gibraltar then you should read activities in Tarifa>>

Tarifa Bars

You will need a lot of time to see all the different kind of bars that Tarifa has to offer. There are old town bars, grand cafe’s, nice beach bars called ‘chiringuitos’, well styled exclusive bars and many more. To find out more go to Tarifa bars>>

Clubs & Dancings

When you are visiting Tarifa you should definitely check out her famous nightlife. Tarifa has a lot to offer when it comes to clubs and dancings. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you prefer, because Tarifa has it all. Check it out at Clubs & Dancings>>


When you are in Tarifa you should definitely try out one of the many tapas bars. A famous dish is something with ‘atun’ orĀ  tuna. Tarifa has a lot of different types of restaurants. It doesn’t matter what kind of budget you have, you will find the right place to have a good meal. Look for these places in Restaurants>>

Tarifa sights

When you are interested in history and like to explore the background of different places then you will not be bored in Tarifa. Tarifa is an old town surrounded by an old wall. You can visit Castello del Guzman or go to Bolonia and explore the well preserved ruins of Baelo Claudia. To explore Tarifa go to Tarifa sights>>

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