Tarifa windsurf

Tarifa has annually more then 300 days of wind. This is why Tarifa is a Mecca for windsurfers. The Tarifa wind comes from different directions which causes different windsurf conditions. The Levante wind (easterly, comes in from the left) is a strong wind. The Poniente wind (westerly, comes in from the right) is a frequent wind which rises in the afternoon. July and August are the best months for windsurfing in Tarifa.

Windsurf Tarifa, the spots

There are a lot of windsurf spots in Tarifa. At ‘Dos Mares’ it is perfect for surfing with a Levante wind. There can be big waves. ‘Hotel Hurricane’ is a perfect sideshore spot, specially with high tide. At ‘Las Dunas’ it is generally choppy with small to medium waves appearing when the wind is in the right direction and is strong enough. There are plenty of schools to learn how to windsurf or to rent windsurf equipment. See a few here below.


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